Syl Di Diego ATOMY is Sponsor and Coach who helps you live your dream life with ATOMY Online Shopping Mall Platform – the free global consumer driven marketplace that offers daily consumer goods of Absolute Quality at Absolute Price from South Korea and other countries! This website offers free ATOMY educational videos and consumer coaching to reach personal goals of health, beauty, savings, residual income and wealth generation.

ATOMY Corp. is the 12-year-old, new global online shopping platform company. Headquartered in South Korea, ATOMY operates in over 22 countries, with 15 million members, generated global annual revenue of US$1.8 Billion (December 2021); and shares up to 70% of its profits as cashback to loyal eligible consumers!

This site helps you onboard, thrive, and share ATOMY Korea-Beauty, Korea-Health, and Korea-Lifestyle products. Are you seeking serious cashback or residual income for a side hustle, living income, or early retirement income? Yes! we help with that also. With ATOMY any consumer can live an abundant life of health in body, spirit and finances!

Remember, with ATOMY everything is FREE – except for products that each consumer decides to voluntarily buy (or not). Consumers are in complete control and there are NO fees, NO obligations, and NO risks! Same for income seekers!

ATOMY Overview

Learn of ATOMY from corporate profile video and from SRM Syl Di Diego Company Introduction and Marketing Plan video presentations.

2022 ATOMY Company Introduction [Profile] Video [6 Min]

VIDEO: “2022 ATOMY Company Introduction in English”

2022 ATOMY Company Introduction in English”

This 2022 ATOMY Company Introduction in English video shows the products, technology, culture, spirit, philosophy, as well as global growth and impact of ATOMY online shopping mall for everyday consumers. Find out how ATOMY shares income, cash payments. loans, and charity with consumer members, suppliers, and communities.


2022 ATOMY Company Introduction Update Video [9 MIN]

2022 ATOMY Company Introduction Update | SRM Syl Di Diego [9 MIN]”

Hear this crisp 2022 update of ATOMY Company Introduction in terms of “mass-tige” product strategy, financial performance, growth, top global rank, free “plug and play” ATOMY Global Business Platform, and the Free Education and Sponsorship Systems. Speaker is SRM Syl Di Diego.


ATOMY Company Introduction – Personal Platform Business (Details) Video [30 MIN]

“ATOMY Company Introduction – Personal Platform Business (Details) | SRM Syl Di Diego [30 MIN]

ATOMY Company Introduction – Personal Platform Business (Details) | SRM Syl Di Diego [30 MIN]

This popular video across the internet explains ATOMY vision, philosophy and purpose as a customer-driven personal shopping platform business with unique “mass-tige” products. Find out how and why ATOMY consumers grew their platform to a $1 Billion Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) webshop in 10 years and how it is poised to dominate for the coming 100 years.

ATOMY “Mass-Tige” Product Strategy

Absolute Quality at Absolute Price

Do You Know ATOMY?

ATOMY online shopping mall launched in 2009 in South Korea on a shoestring budget with 17 people and grew organically. Today there are over 16 million active members globally on ATOMY official online shopping malls from over 22 countries who purchased over $2.0 Billion in 2021.

ATOMY Everyday Products Are Absolute High Quality at Absolute Low Price

IMAGE: ATOMY Products Are Everyday Necessary Goods
ATOMY Products

ATOMY products are everyday necessary daily consumer goods that are of Absolute High Quality – like top brands, BUT at Absolute Low Price – namely at, or below, wholesale price. We call this our “Mass-Tigeproduct strategy – namely, luxury goods are affordable to the masses of people.

ATOMY products are natural, herbal, functional, many are patented, and many are made with high-tech processes.

Moreover, each item is “curated” – the best of the best. Each item is vetted from hundreds or even thousands of the same item in the market. But only 1 of each item qualifies to be sold on the official ATOMY online shopping platform.

ATOMY Product Categories are HemoHIM, Health Care, Skin Care, Personal care, Home Care, Food and others.

You already buy these tupes of daily consumer goods elsewhere. Just shift to your own personal ATOMY online marketplace. Easy, Peasy!

ATOMY Blockbuster Products

IMAGE: ATOMY HEMOHIM – The patented, herbal, plant- based immunity booster
IMAGE: ATOMY Absolute Skin Care Set | Highly Functional with De-Aging Technology

One ATOMY Blockbuster product is HEMOHIM – the patented, herbal immunity booster, that helps people with many conditions – and is nicknamed the “General Hospital Supplement”.

Another ATOMY Blockbuster product is Absolute Skincare Set which highly functional.

ATOMY is the exclusive global distributor of ATOMY HEMOHIM, ATOMY Absolute Skin Care and the ATOMY brand.

ATOMY Favorites Product Introduction Video [7min]

VIDEO: “ATOMY Favorites Product Introduction by Angie Kim”

“ATOMY Favorites Product Introduction by Angie Kim”

Hear about some ATOMY Favorites in this engaging Product Introduction by Angie Kim, model and consumer.

The Official ATOMY Online Shopping Mall


Did you know that only by shopping on the official ATOMY online shopping mall will you receive genuine ATOMY products and valid ATOMY loyalty Point Value (PV) for generous cashback rebates?

ATOMY Official Online Shopping Mall [Screen Image]

IMAGE: Official ATOMY Online Shopping Mall Image

Note: ATOMY also offers a free mobile app to members.

ATOMY OFFERS Absolute High Quality Everyday Consumer Goods at Absolute Low Prices

This is ATOMY’S “Mass-Tige” Product Strategy – namely, luxury quality goods for everyone to enjoy!

Become a FREE Member

Did you know an ATOMY Registration Sponsor ID (1 time use) is the free code REQUIRED to JOIN ATOMY? You use this free ID code to complete your ONLINE REGISTRATION on the official ATOMY online shopping mall?

Feel Free to take a look around the Official ATOMY Online Shopping Mall.

Why ATOMY Online Shopping Mall?

Founded in 2009, ATOMY currently operates its exclusive ATOMY online shopping malls in over 22 countries and is growing. In 2021 ATOMY’S 16 million active consumer members directly purchased over $2.0 Billion (GMV) of goods.

ATOMY everyday consumer goods are natural, pure, patented, hi-tech, functional, and effective. Product categories include HemoHIM, Health Care, Beauty, Skin Care, Personal Care, Home Care, Foods and more. We source directly from our vetted partner suppliers who comprise our selected vendor ecosystem.

What is special about ATOMY everyday consumer goods? ATOMY saves consumer members time and money with curated, mass-tige products.

ATOMY “curates” products by evaluating and selecting only the best ITEM of each good. Then ATOMY partners with each chosen supplier to provide quality support, and more, in a tight collaborative relationship.

The ATOMY “mass-tige” product strategy is built for customer success. Products are Absolute High Quality (prestige) at the Absolute Lowest Price that the masses of people can afford.

Remember Consumer membership is free and free for income seeking members. There are NO fees at all, NO forced purchases (no auto ship, no subscription, no quota), NO minimum order quantities, NO obligations, NO RESET of loyalty Point Value (PV). There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.

Yes, everything is FREE – except for products consumers decide to voluntarily buy.


ATOMY Company, Mission & Philosophy

IMAGE: ATOMY Company Headquarters in South Korea.

The ATOMY mission is clear. ATOMY was built from the ground up for customer success with a balanced life with health in body, spirit and finances. ATOMY gives back significant percent (up to 70%) of its profits directly to ATOMY Consumers as cashback. Thus, ATOMY is the model of Direct-To-Consumer Online eCommerce for the everyday consumer as well as the most generous with Direct-To-Consumer Profit Sharing via cashback.

ATOMY’S goal is balanced steady growth toward serving consumers in 30 countries by year 2030. Our core partner for technology and manufacturing is Kolmar BNH which is partly owned (80%) by Kolmar Korea (affiliate of 100-year-old Kolmar USA) and partly owned (20%) by a South Korean National Government Agency called KAERI. In addition, ATOMY has trusted partnerships with an ecosystem of selected vetted manufacturers across the world. We have a Global Sourcing, Global Sales (GSGS) strategy to find, develop, and promote local manufacturers from each country who may sell into the global ATOMY online marketplace.


ATOMY Offers Generous Cashback and Residual Income Opportunity

IMAGE: Imperial Master (IM) Promotion Ceremony for IM Hae-Jong LEE with ATOMY Chairman Han-Gill PARK and other Imperial Masters. The IM Awards are US$1 Million cash and other prizes.

Other ATOMY benefits are generous everyday savings, cashback, residual income and promotional cash and gift bonuses. In short, the ATOMY platform is a free tool to reach your success for health, beauty as well as for side gig income, living income, work from home (WFH) income and Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) income.


ATOMY Compensation Plan Video [20 Min]

VIDEO: ” Easy Way to Explain ATOMY Compensation Plan by SRM Syl Di Diego”

Easy Way to Explain ATOMY Compensation Plan by SRM Syl Di Diego

ATOMY shares profits with consumers as generous cashback and for residual income. This is a huge opportunity for loyal, active ATOMY consumers to earn hundreds in cashback per month. For income seeking consumer entrepreneurs there is free opportunity to earn up to $100,000 per month in residual income / passive income. Learn how it works in this video by SRM Syl Di Diego “Easy Way to Explain ATOMY Compensation Plan”.


ATOMY Online NWM Marketplace Advantages Video [23 Min]

VIDEO: ATOMY Online NWM Marketplace Advantages

“ATOMY Online NWM Marketplace Advantages by SRM Syl Di Diego”

Wondering what is so advantageous about shopping at ATOMY Online NWM Marketplace? Curious about how ATOMY benefits you as consumer and as cashback residual income earner? Wondering why ATOMY is better than any other eCommerce Marketplace? Then watch this video by ATOMY SRM Syl Di Diego to understand this huge opportunity that is free!



ATOMY Vision Talk Video [40 Min]

VIDEO: “ATOMY Vision Talk by SRM Syl Di Diego”

“ATOMY Vision Talk by SRM Syl Di Diego”

Syl Di Diego SRM, a serial entrepreneur, shares the big ATOMY vision and opportunity. He shares his entrepreneur journey, why he chose ATOMY and how ATOMY fulfills his goal, especially in challenging economic times, to find a credible business system that produces real ongoing passive income for life.

More, Syl explains “What is ATOMY”, “Why ATOMY”, and “How To Do ATOMY” successfully with teamwork synergy. He offers helpful insider tips for succeeding to reach your financial freedom and life goals with the free, ATOMY Online Personal Business Platform.


ATOMY Vision Talk Video [28 Min]

VIDEO: “ATOMY Vision – How to Succeed, Even with Limitations by SRM DiDi (Minyon Di Diego)”

ATOMY Vision – How To Succeed, Even With Limitations by SRM DiDi (Minyon Di Diego)

In this video SRM DiDi (Minyon Di Diego) shares her ATOMY Vision that “Success Is Achievable Even for Someone with Limitations and Disabilities” if you love ATOMY products and are determined to be rich. She says this is possible: “Thanks to ATOMY who offers this free opportunity to anyone“.

How does an everyday consumer find ATOMY online shopping mall and re-discover her childhood dream? How will she soon realize such dream with ATOMY? She answers these questions and shares simple, proven, practical methods for how to succeed as ATOMY residual income earner.


ATOMY Company Introduction and Marketing Plan FULL Video [36 Min]

VIDEO: “ATOMY Company Introduction & Marketing Plan at 2016 Success Academy in NJ USA by SRM Syl Di Diego [FULL]”

“ATOMY Company Introduction & Marketing Plan at 2016 Success Academy in NJ USA by SRM Syl Di Diego [FULL]”//

This is the popular “ATOMY Company Intro & Marketing Plan live presentation by Syl Di Diego SM [FULL]” at 2016 USA New Jersey Success Academy (over 300,000 internet views across many channels). Learn about the simple, yet detailed, specifics of ATOMY company, management, ecosystem, cashback and passive income earning potential when you shop on free ATOMY online shopping mall platform.



IMAGE: Our ATOMY Team Zoom Meeting

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